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X-T3 for real


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19 hours ago, MPoK said:

Anybody understand why Fuji would introduce a new sensor that seems more noisy at hi ISO, rather than incorporate the other improvements into an updated XT2 / 20 etc??

I own the XT-2 & the XT-3, as I kept the XT-2 as a backup.  The BSI sensor on the XT-3 in my opinion seems focused on speed.  The AF on this thing is incredible!  Has me tracking Butterflies & Dragon flies In-Flight!  I suspect Fuji wanted to step ahead of the mirrorless phobia about poor AF.  Definitely not true any more, this thing can keep up with any of the best DSLRs. But that came at the price of a little bit more noise.  Note: the XT-3 is still way ahead of the noise game, just not quite as much ahead as the XT-2.  I am finding what I could shoot with my XT-2 @ 12800 is about equal the the XT-3 @ 6400.  I still try to stay below 3200 so really it is not an issue - I am very happy with the performance of the XT-3

I don't shoot video so the XT-2 is identical to the XT-3 except for slightly slower AF speed and slightly better ISO handling. Both cameras are almost identical except in a very slim measure of performance.  If I am going to shoot in low light the XT-2 is coming out, when shooting wildlife, you can't beat the XT-3.  I now have the best of both worlds! :)

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