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400+mm lenses on GFX


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I have three of the Hartblei Pentacon Six to Fuji GFX  adapters: simple adapter, shift adapter and tilt adapter.

With them a series of longer lenses can be used.  For instance the old Enna 400mm lens is excellent on the Pentacon Six and so will easily cover the GFX format.  See a review of it here: http://pentaconsix.com/enna.htm

There are two 500mm lenses for the Pentacon Six, the Pentacon lens, which is very heavy (3.5 kg) but excellent.  See here: http://pentaconsix.com/500_560mm.htm and the much harder-to-find 500mm Arsenal APO lens, see here: http://pentaconsix.com/500_600new1.htm  At 1650 grams, this is less than half the weight of the Pentacon lens.

The above pages also give information on other long lenses, including some mirror lenses, that would mount on the GFX via any of the same adapters.

I have tested the 500mm lens on a GFX 50S, even testing its coverage with the shift adapter.  This is what I found:

500mm Arsenal/Arsat APO lens
Zero shift: Excellent resolution and coverage.  Tiny amount of chromatic aberrations.
12mm shift in any direction causes corner cut-off.  12mm shift to L or R causes side cut-off and loss of resolution near the edge.
This is probably OK with shifts up to 6 or 8mm.

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