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    • By konzy
      Hey guys,
      I'm under the impression that I see more and more watermarked images, for instance on various Fuji-related Facebook groups I follow. They used to be some simple transparent text, in a corner or right in the middle, but I now see more and more elaborated watermarks like the one below:

      Do you use a watermark? Why?
      I know it's an old debate, but here are a few additional questions I've been asking myself:
      - If you use one, do you use it in a preventive way, or because in the past someone used your work without your permission?
      - Don't you think it kind of ruins a picture?
      - Don't you care that other people could use your work?
      - Do you use workarounds, like, "never publish a high resolution file"?
      - Is the watermark mostly for the sake of intellectual property, or is it more a financial matter (for people who get money from their photographic work)?
      - I often see watermarks on pictures that, honestly, have nothing really special... or that are not beautiful (highly subjective judgment). In that case, could the watermark affect negatively the photographer? In otherwords, posting crap and labeling it with a watermark to make it more professional and less snapshoty.
    • By sacherjj
      Is there any way to save copyright data into the EXIF data in camera?  With the ability to use JPEGs out of camera, this seems needed even more than did on my Nikon.  
      The only way I have found is adding this on the PC.  Did I miss anything?
    • By oldfashioned1536
      On my canon DSLR, there was a way to input copyright info into the camera so every image had the copyright when I imported into Lightroom. Is there no such setting on the X-T1? Right now my workaround is to import my images and manually input my copyright info on one image and then sync the metadata on all the other images. I am not a professional and not an expert in Lightroom. If there is an easier way to do this, I would appreciate some pointers.
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    • I just got a new X-S10 and after about 4 days of use it started making an audible whirring sound when on. It's loud enough to hear at an arms length and makes too much sound for use with a hotshoe mounted mic. I've tried turning off the IBIS and autofocus and nothing seems to stop it. I am using the 16-80 predominantly but it also makes the sound with an old manual lens. The sound stops when in playback mode. I tried updating the firmware to the most recent which has not solved the issue. Does anyone have any ideas or should I just exchange it?   Thanks,
    • I just received my new XT-4. First time I have a Fuji and first time I have an hybrid. The camera invited me to upgrade the firmware to 1.20. I have download it on a card and followed the procedure. I obtained the screen "update completed. Turn off the camera". I turn off the camera but when I turn on again I can just obtained the same screen "Firmware upgrade" and not the menu.  What should I do to access the menu again ? Thank you for your support !
    • Does this mean the X-T40 is a dead issue permanently or is their still hope for one? Some say the X-S10 is actually it, Ken Wheeler for one, but the dials and style are not for me. Have an X-T30 and was hoping for an X-T40 with IBIS and other improvements.  
    • Just wondering if there is a grip that works with it. Thanks
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