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    • By konzy
      Hey guys,
      I'm under the impression that I see more and more watermarked images, for instance on various Fuji-related Facebook groups I follow. They used to be some simple transparent text, in a corner or right in the middle, but I now see more and more elaborated watermarks like the one below:

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://img1.etsystatic.com/133/0/9394555/il_340x270.922478785_bpxk.jpg&key=c9b915f1f7024d93627f8f60457ed39393fe51ecbf5991fb55073e99842c8e9d"> Do you use a watermark? Why?
      I know it's an old debate, but here are a few additional questions I've been asking myself:
      - If you use one, do you use it in a preventive way, or because in the past someone used your work without your permission?
      - Don't you think it kind of ruins a picture?
      - Don't you care that other people could use your work?
      - Do you use workarounds, like, "never publish a high resolution file"?
      - Is the watermark mostly for the sake of intellectual property, or is it more a financial matter (for people who get money from their photographic work)?
      - I often see watermarks on pictures that, honestly, have nothing really special... or that are not beautiful (highly subjective judgment). In that case, could the watermark affect negatively the photographer? In otherwords, posting crap and labeling it with a watermark to make it more professional and less snapshoty.
    • By sacherjj
      Is there any way to save copyright data into the EXIF data in camera?  With the ability to use JPEGs out of camera, this seems needed even more than did on my Nikon.  
      The only way I have found is adding this on the PC.  Did I miss anything?
    • By oldfashioned1536
      On my canon DSLR, there was a way to input copyright info into the camera so every image had the copyright when I imported into Lightroom. Is there no such setting on the X-T1? Right now my workaround is to import my images and manually input my copyright info on one image and then sync the metadata on all the other images. I am not a professional and not an expert in Lightroom. If there is an easier way to do this, I would appreciate some pointers.
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    • Another vote for wide lenses. Most cities in Europe are pretty tight, so unless you're expecting to shoot wildlife or have a lot of time for scouting/shooting landscapes, I can't see a long lens being overly useful. Depending on the type of shooting you're planning on doing, I'd almost be worried about 18mm not being wide enough, if anything. For casual photos it would be fine, but if you're looking to do any architecture or cityscape type stuff, you may run out of room. I'd say just b
    • You have a good tool that you can grow into, so to speak. As you gain the experience, those extra buttons and dials open up options that you may want to use. Keep posting your images! In the end, technique is second to composition, the why you take the photo. After a month or so, when you have had time to practice and reflect on things, I will tell you a fourth option to the question you asked about how to capture those high dynamic range images — your landscape photos. But no doubt, y
    • At the end of the day, only 3 settings truly matter for photography.   Aperture Shutter Speed ISO Everything else are just automations designed to make your life easier. The X-T4 can most readily mimick the sort of camera everyone started with in photography education for decades, a manual mechanical camera. Put the camera in Manual focus mode, set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO manually and learn what happens when you mess up. I'd recommend getting and reading the Ansel
    • Hi Olaf W,  thank you for your reply. It’s on mechanical only. It sounds like a pin problem not picking up anything on camera ? But yet it does fire the flash manual only but only up to 200/1 at shutter sync x 250/1 I get black band .  Thanks 
    • Do you use the electronic shutter? The flash will work only with the mechanical shutter. And, welcome to our forum!
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