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Antoine B

APSC lenses adapter to GF mount?

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Maybe a stupid question, but is there any chance (and would it make sense) to see an adapter for fujinon x-mount lenses to the GF mount? 

Several x-mount lenses have a reputation for extreme sharpness and resolution, so I guess the glass quality may be enough to justify a 50mpx sensor. But not sure if such adaptation would be technically doable. 

Given the price gap between GF and X-mount lenses it would allow some nice cost savings when complementing a X-mount setup with a GF body. 

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3 minutes ago, bergat said:

If it may be  possible with an adapter,  how to do with image coverage less than sufficient?

Well, it there are many adapters for full frame lenses to GF mount... But I don't know what the coverage would become, indeed. Hence the question on this forum 😅

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