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Hello Fuji users, i have to buy a new tripod for my X-E1 (actually have a Manfrotto Compact Light) with 18-55 lens. I read very good feedbacks about Genesis tripods. Plus they have great price with high quality!

Anyone use them and can recommand them? My choice is the A3 kit that have BH--34 ball head, the attachment is Arca-swiss type. Budget around 100-150 Euros.

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    • By KateB
      I need your help in your particular region.
      I recently bought a Velbon M43 tripod. Now I know from my research that Velbon has different tripod models in different regions. I was searching for a lightweight tripod and found this model in the Asia/Middle East region. It weighs only 880 grammes (1.94 pounds), which is amazingly light for an aluminium tripod. It suits me very well, it’s light, tall and relatively sturdy.
      However I’m looking for two things:
      1) An End Hook for hanging a bag or weight on bottom of the central column. It comes on the Velbon Geo in some regions.
      2) An Arca Swiss (or equivalent) mounting plate. I cannot find this on any Velbon tripods in Europe or the Middle East. I can find an adaptor plate that will fit, but I’m looking for a more elegant solution.
      So the questions are:
      In your region does Velbon sell spare parts for tripods as I’d like to get an End Hook for a Geo and adapt it for my tripod?
      In your region, does Velbon have Arca Swiss heads? I have searched the internet extensively.
      Like I say, Velbon Tripod model vary widely from region to region; so I’m hoping that other regions have a solution.
    • By Woodworth
      I’ve been using Fuji since they introduced the X-E1. Over the years since I have had a number of Fuji bodies and lenses but have settled on an X-T2 and an X-E2s with various prime lenses. I have always found Fuji to be a great system to work with and have earned much of my income from their products.
      The lineage of each model seemed logical and each new version made progressive improvements such as improved AF or resolution for example. You can tell that the X-E2s is progression from the original X-E1 with nicely thought out additions or upgrades. The X-T2 is such a nice camera and certainly a step up from the X-T1. So far, so good.
      In my mind at least the line up worked something like X-A cameras for amateurs, casual shooters, etc. The X-T10/20 for the more trendy photographer, someone who liked innovation such as touch screens and blue tooth and the cute look of the camera. The X-E cameras for the expert photographer, the person who liked the rangefinder styling and the smaller size for travelling and discrete photography, a street photographers camera perhaps. the X-T range for the more demanding photographer, someone who wanted a more professional kind of camera in a DSLR style and the X-Pro for the same kind of photographer who preferred a rangefinder kind of camera. I’m probably wildly wrong here but at least it’s a stab at my understanding the lineage of the various Fuji offerings.
      Then came the X-E3 and messed it all up for me. Here was a camera that looked like an X-E camera but seemed more at home in a X-T20s? In the lineage, instead of a progression, someone seems to have left the logical path and gone off track with this camera. In my mind at least, the X-E3 should have been an upgrade from the X-E2s. Perhaps a X-E2s with the X-T2 sensor and AF but with the XT-20 flippy screen and IBIS. I can see how introducing bluetooth connectivity with a tablet and touch screens would appeal to an X-T20 user perhaps but where is the camera for the X-E1, X-E2 and X-E2s user?
      I’m trying desperately hard to find the good in the X-E3 and I will try one out but it simply does not appeal to me right now. I feel that Fuji have spoilt a good thing by letting someone introduce trendy features onto something that was historically more traditional. It would be a shame if Fuji lost their vision after all the success they have had to date.
    • By Edward McKee
      Hi I was wondering if anyone one could tell me what the A+M setting in the Shooting Menu does? It gives the options of AF+MF on or off.  It is found at the bottom of the Shooting Menus in group 5. I am using a X-E1 and 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens.
      Many thanks
      Ted McKee
    • By Fujiboricua
      A little bird has told me that my wife is buying the M42 adapter and this lens for Christmas. Can anyone give me your thoughts, experiences, suggestions, etc. regarding this combo? Bokeh, sharpness, IQ...
      Thank you all in advance for your input,
    • By johant

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