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Rude awakening: X-Pro2 power board repair 340.00++

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Just got bad news that the problem with my X-Pro2 (freezing mid shoot, not waking from sleep), a body with maybe 1500 frames shot on it (and barely 2 months out of warranty), is a failed/failing main power board, which will cost 340.00+ for repair (set) and shipping/handling charges.  To say I'm astonished is understatement.  Even Apple shows customer base more regard when a device fails due to material/workmanship.  


Seems out of character for what I have come to expect from Fujifilm.


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I had a Nikon D700 fail due to power board/power connector issue (so they say).  It was out of warranty as well and cost approx the same.  Had many more actuation's that yours, but actuation's aren't really related to a motherboard issue.  Of course it failed at the start of a wedding gig I was doing.

Had a Nikon D610 curtain blow out of the track and get jammed.  It was again ... out of warranty and no where near the actuation count the shutter mechanism was rated for.  That was around the same cost to repair.  Of course it failed at the start of a wedding gig as well.

Needless to say I don't own any Nikon gear anymore.

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