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What's your x-t20 button assignments?


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Mine are 

Selector button set to: FN


Fn1: previewEXP./WB ON manual

I have to disable exposure preview only when using strobes.


Fn2 / UP button: ISO

Using to change ISO often. 



This will help enabling eye focus only when needed.


FN4 / Right button : SHUTTER TYPE

Typically I shot in electronic shutter. I will select mechanical only when that is necessary via this button. Specially when using flash, florescent lighting as well as fast moving objects.


FN5 / DOWN button: focus AREA

This was default. I use this button to change focus points. I also have touch screen focusing point change enabled.



Typically I shoot single point. But if I'm to shoot moving subject mostly I'll change it to zone via this button.



I have AF removed from shutter. I use back button focusing with this button





I would like to see what you have assigned in your x-t20

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