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I'd like to be able to film night scenes with bright objects in them - exposure compensation is absolutely required. Yet it seems to be disabled in movie mode on the X-T20. Can't find an explanation in the user manual. Can anyone tell me if it's possible? Thanks!

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    • By JayneO
      Hello please can you help! I am shooting in Manual with Auto Iso. In the main with the fastest aperture and manual shutter speed. In low light I want to use the Exposure compensation dial and sometimes this doesn't seem to work on the C setting, even with pushing the front wheel to toggle to the option to use it.. The exposure isn't changing and in general all my pics are coming out a bit dark. It seems that somehow within the camera the exposure is set too low. What I'm seeing through the EVF isn't the same as the capture I'm seeing on the LCD. I'm new to the Fuji system so would really appreciate help.
    • By allatonceallthetime
      Is there such a thing?  Wondering if it's possible to have the camera choose shutter & aperture, but not focus automatically?
      May be a really dumb question, sorry if that's the case
    • By rogercorke
      I love my X-T20. It’s the best camera I’ve ever bought - except for one thing: since I bought it 15 months ago I’ve had to have the sensor cleaned three times. Previously, I’ve had a LUMIX G3 and G6 and never had to get them cleaned at all. I know getting the sensor cleaned is an occupational hazard for mirrorless camera owners but I don’t  use this camera any more than those, so have I just been unlucky or is there something about the design of the X-T20 that makes it particularly vulnerable to dust and dirt?
    • By Sirio
      *** Firmware request ***
      Is the X-H1 really "Video oriented"? Not enough.
      I would like to see in the MOVIE SETTING, an option where I can select the default shutter speed for the 30 and 60 on the shutter speed dial, only when I am in MOVIE MODE, obviously.
      On the 60 position I could select by default: none(stay in 60) - 50 - 48, and on 30 position I could select the default shutter speed: none(stay in 30), 25 or 24.
      Which are the most used shutter speed on cinema. Then, when I put the shutter speed on 30 or 60, I get faster the speed that I really need.

    • By pete1959
      Thread removed...user error.
      Moderator: Is there a way to remove a post/thread that a person started?
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