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Godox speed light "modelling light" (like Canon version)?

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Hi guys,


do the Godox Fuji speedlites (685 and 350) have something similar to the Canon version where you press the DoF button on the Canon and the speedlites do a sort of flicker to give you a quick and dirty "modelling light"? Would that be a Godox issue or a Fuji issue? It would be super-handy to have that kind of modelling light...

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Wondering about this as well. I recently got my first two Godox TT350F, and was trying to get this working without success.

On the X-T3, you can map "Modeling flash" to any of the function keys, but this does not seem to do anything, neither on the Godox nor on cute little EF-X8.. Could "Modeling flash" be limited to Fuji's own higher-end flashes only? 

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