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    • It‘s not an „official“ advice. I gave you an answer why I think it‘s not possible. Fuji might be able to provide you with an„official“ answer, feel free to share it with our community. 
    • Olaf,  for a moderator, you have a poor understanding of forums.  I posted here in order to share experience with other fuji users, and be part of that community. Of course, I could have called a repair shop. If that's the 'official' advice from a moderator, I suggest you close down now.
    • I had this issue on a job yesterday. Got the camera on a mast, extended the mast, took one photo and the camera locked up. This happened about 70% of the time so I eventually just set the camera on AEB, pointed it in about the right direction and used the app as a remote shutter release only which worked reliably.   It always is slow and buggy to connect on my X-T2 but once connected it works. The X-T3 was a huge hassle because it barely worked.
    • In your first comment you have misunderstood my reply to another member. In the second you seen not to be aware that Ken addressed the issues which matter to you in the video. As to Ken and his personality, many folks don't like his style, nothing wrong with that.  We are all different in our likes and dislikes..                                                                                        Regards, GO
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