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Raw preview in X-T20 with picture effect preview effect: off


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I'm a new X-T20 user . I found a most bookmarked thread in a forum suggesting picture profile settings inorder to gain rough RAW preview to facilitate ETTR.

There was a reply saying this can be simply achieved by turning off the "picture preview effect" under display settings . But there was also a counter message saying it wouldn't work and it said to use your desired simulation (with settings if you want).  do a test (by increasing) and find out the safe +EV range you can recover.

I usually use exposure preview off with highlight clipping alert in order achieve ETTR. But some time I find although clipping warning doesn't come in evf, in post things are blown out and they can't be recoverable. Now I use 1/3 under than clipping highlight warning with "pic effect preview" turned off. Still I'm not confident.

Which method do you use to achieve ETTR?

Can you tell me if you are using provia simulation in x-t20 how many stops are recoverable in post?

If you tried picture preview effect off method along with high light clipping option like me to get EETR how it is working for you?

Thanks in advance

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I use the live EVF histogram to set exposure.  To ETTR, I simply make sure that the histogram is not bunched near the right side of the graph and use the Exposure Compensation knob if needed.  With this technique, my experience is that I can easily recover 2-3 stops of shadow detail in my X-T2 and X-Pro2 RAW files (using Iridient X-Transformer & Lightroom). 

I consider Picture Preview to be very useful if set to a reasonably neutral film simulation (e.g. Astia or Classic Chrome).  I have adjusted my EVFs to render as close as possible to the calibrated monitor on my post-processing PC when Preview is set to Astia emulation.  Then, Picture Preview gives me a reasonably accurate view of what the highlights and darker areas of my image will look like for the chosen exposure.  Note:  in bright sunlight with strong shadows, ETTR will yield a Preview with the darker areas of a scene being too dark to see much detail with some film simulations.  Under these conditions I prefer a Preview using a film simulation without enhanced contrast.

Hope that this helps.

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If you want to use the live histograms and blinkies as exposure aids then you need to leave the picture preview turned on. The histograms and blinkies are derived from the video feed to the EVF. The EVF attempts to simulate what the image processor will create in the final JPEG.

You are not getting a raw preview and you can't. Using the EVF live before you take the photo you're not even getting a histogram of the JPEG. To get that you have to take the photo and then look at the histogram when you review the photo.

Fuji, along with all the other manufacturers, tunes their meters and engineers their EXR image processor to render a "well-exposed" JPEG from a raw file that under-utilizes the sensor's recording capacity.

If you really feel you need to see in the histogram and blinkies data that more closely reflects the raw file you'll look into setting the white balance to unity. Do you like green? With the WB set to unity your EVF will be green and your JEPGs will be green but the histogram and blinkies will be pretty close to indicating the actual status of the raw exposure -- picture effects stay on.

Go here: https://www.rawdigger.com

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