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X-H1 Raw files - need new software

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Having just purchased the X-H1 I discovered that the RAW files don't work in the non subscription version of Lightroom and that they never will.

I am not interested to pay the subscription so am looking for a Lightroom replacement. Lightroom served me well for a long time, and unfortunately, cannot anymore. So I'm interested in what others are doing to deal with this situation.

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I recently purchased Luminar and use it as a plug-in in LR, but it could easily serve as a LR substitute . Very capable and about $60 on sale.  Check it out. I also purchased their HDR program Aurora.  They are both produced by Skylum.

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I use On1 for my processing Fuji files. I add photos into Lightroom (for file management) and they export automatically into ON1. On1 is a very robust photo processing software. On1 offers very good tutorials and once learned is very dynamic for processing photos.

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I'm just paying the subscription. For a reasonable price I get Lightroom as well as Photoshop, can use it on two machines, it works great as long as I take care of the various intricacies of x-trans and I get consistent results with my other cameras (Canon) when using Masten Labs film simulations. 

So, while I'm not really that happy with subscription models, I understand that software companies need to make a living as well and therefore pay for what I'm getting. 

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