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Has anyone experience in using the Xpro2 for family group portraiture in a studio setting, I want to set the camera to keep the group in focus by selecting the person closest to the camera and also the one at the back of the group.  Is there a way to do this?


Thanks in advance.


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No the camera cannot do this automatically or overcome the laws of physics , so you would have to learn the pricnicple of depth of focus and read the scale (shown in the display) wich tell you the “ in focus” area interval at any given place corresponding to the aperture.

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even if the camera can do the calculation for you it cannot overcome the optical laws which govern this.


The (apparent) depth of field is a function of distance , aperture and circle of confusion. There will be situations in which you tell the camera that you want to focus point A close- by  and point B further away but you are too close to achieve that or the aperture is to open to achieve that. Unless you are aware of how these work together you won’t understand why the camera isn’t doing what you want the camera to do (and it can’t regardless whether this is an automatic function or not precisely because of the limits imposed by the laws of physics and optics ).


Anyway in your display (if you have this function activated) there is a function that shows you where the focus is in ft or m, there is also a function that shows you the interval of the depth of field ( pointing to where it is set close to you and further away from you). In not autofocus lenses this function was for example on the lens barrel itself for the operator to be aware of this.

The displays, even if very sharp, can’t display the DOF is sufficient detail (unless very close by) to offer a satisfying check by vision reading.


Anyway, despite any automatism you really should try to understand the principles governing DOF in photography.



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