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CAM REMOTE app help please—Trouble with Video Recording


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Hello Everyone,


I’m trying to use the FujiFilm phone app: CAM REMOTE with my X100F and while it works well for taking pictures, I am having difficulty with using it for video, which I would really like to do.


While I can do a single focus, when taking pictures, by tapping the screen where I would like to focus, then taking the picture, this does not work in the video mode.


In video mode, it seems the only option is for a continuous focus mode where it is always searching for focus — seems like it is looking for movement and focusing on that. Is there are a way to change it so that I can tap on my phone screen and set a single focus point and NOT have it continuously searching for focus (it makes quite a bit of noise).


Any other apps (for iPhone or Mac) or advice on recording video (being able to control focus and start a video) remotely using the x100f, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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Hello Vashnisht. I hope I won't say a blasphemy since I've only used the app to take pictures, never videos. But you could getting a point in focus then set the camera on manual and start filming.

I don't know if you wish to film steady or moving the camera around. Usually you change focus when you point the camera on a certain point, keeping it not moving, for example a person, a face, an object, and so on. In all other cases I think you might only want to close the lens on the minimum diaphragm to keep everything in focus.

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Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. When the app is in video mode, it doesn’t keep the focus it had in photo mode — it goes into a constant focusing mode (which seems to be the only option on video mode). I can adjust everything in video mode — the only thing I can’t do, is decide the point of focus. I think what you’re saying about working with Fstop so that most everything is focus is the only solution I’ve come up with so far. The camera is stationary and facing me to work on my video blog and talks that I give. My preference would be to have it focus on my face and then not change focus anymore.

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