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Recharge time for EX-F8 & X-T2

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first of all  - my flash works...
No issues with MS+ES etc. Retra strobes, Nauticam casing yadda yadda

My problem is when I use it all for scuba work  - I use the little EX-F8 as a trigger for my strobes via fibre optic - and that all works too.



If I ever need to shoot a few shots quickly - I get multiple black shots - i.e. no strobes fired...
Now I know the strobes can handle much higher fps than I need - tested this with Godox X-Pro-F and various slave Godox flashes - jerry-rigged to the strobes in a dark room :)

The question is - what fps can the EX-F8 handle?
That seems to be my problem - and only the EX-F8 or the $300 Nauticam optical trigger fit in the housing...

Anyone know the speeds the little EX-F8 can handle?

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