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LH-XF35-2 doesn't fit 100%

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Earlier this week I bought two Fuji lens hoods LH-XF35-2 for both my XF-35mm f/2 and my XF-23mm f/2. When I tried them out I noticed both of them are a little loose on both lenses.


When I mount them they nicely fall in place and stay put, but in the horizontal axis they have a little play. About 0,5 to 1 mm at most. Yes I know I’m nitpicking but it still bothers me, what can I say?


The hoods have a little slotted tab so I tried to push these tabs a little further out but that part of the hood looks like plastic and the tab returns to its original position each time. So, no result.


Does anyone of you have the same experience and maybe a possible solution?






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