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Just saying hello

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    • By Hai
      Just a few words about myself.  This is my second time around with photography.  The first time was about 20 years ago with Nikon N90, F4 cameras and Fujichrome film.  I did all my cibachrome print enlargements myself.  Just got a used X-T1 for travel and want to know more about digital, raw, pixels, and all the good stuffs.  
    • By widespace
      Hello, I am WideSpace.  I am from Texas and work as a Project Engineer on construction projects.
      I start almost two years ago in photography due a family vacation trip to Colorado.  Since then I became in love with photography.  To me, it's a medium of expression to share with others what I see, and a special time I have to compose art, and also for myself to relax and stress-out from the day.  It's an artistic and liberating therapy.
      I prefer to shoot landscape and architectural photography since I love nature and also beautiful architectural designs.  I also find street photography very interesting since it involves people and the normal everyday things.
      Actually my gear is a X-T10 with the XF 18-55mm, the XF 35mm f1.4, and the XF 14mm f2.8.
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    • They don't appear burned, but a but too shifted to the right. Perhaps is just a matter of taste. But as I say, most pictures, to just look 'normal', I have to compensate is by -1/3 or more typically -2/3.
    • Yes - provided you are using a version of the Adobe software which supports your camera. If you are using a subscription version of the Adobe software and keeping it updated then your camera should be supported.
    • Good morning friends! i have been browsing the internet but can’t seem to find a clear answer. Are Fujifilm camera profiles and film simulations now available for RAW files in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Canera Raw please? I have been using this software for too many years to make a switch easily so I would be grateful for any feedback Thank you 
    • Hi! I am considering the Fuji XT30 or XT3. Some of the images I have taken with the camera are amazing in the detail that is captured! Just love it! However, I had some issues as shown in the 2 photos below. I had asked the store manager to set the camera for landscape so the shots are at a small aperture. In the first photo, I was leaning against a wall, focusing on the bush.  Any thoughts on why the bush is not in focus? It appears the focus is on the building beyond....(I
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