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Which Tele Zoom?


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I've been a dedicated Fuji X10/X20/X30 user for over  six years, and now, for an upcoming photographic trip to the Middle East, I've decided to upsize my camera to a Fuji X-T20 with the XF 18-55mm zoom lens.


My question is which tele-zoom should I get to go along with the 18-55? 


The XF 55-200mm is a superb lens, and while price is not a major consideration, size and weight are.

The XC 20-230mm is obviously not nearly as fine a lens as the 55-200, but is it good enough? 


Let me add that I don't use a long telephoto very often (my X30 has a fixed 27-112mm lens that suits me fine most if the time). However, on this trip I'll be completing a project that I started several years ago with a Nikon DSLR and 27-300mm zoom. So there will definitely be numerous opportunities to use the longer reach these telephotos provide.


Therefore, is the image quality of the XC 20-230mm high enough for the book and exhibitions that will result from this project?


And, is there a compatability problem of mating the larger, heavier 55-200 lens with the extremely small X-T20 body?


Finally, are there any other questions I might do well to consider?


Many thanks.



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I don’t have any experience with the XF55-200 but have the xc 50-230 that came in a kit with my xt20 as well as the 16-50. I have been blown away by the quality of shots taken with these two xc lenses. And I am the same as you stated above not really a long zoom user so it will probably be all the long zoom I will ever need.

Sure it is made out of plastic but feels really solid and while not the same build quality feel as my XF35mm it is not far behind. And it balances really nice on the xt20. Do a Flickr search for this lens and you will see lots of great pictures.

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I own both the 50-140 and the 55-200. I LOVE the 55-200 lens. My copy is super tack sharp, it's lightweight, and has some great looking bokeh.  I've had this lens for quite some time whereas my 50-140 2.8 is only about six months old.


I'd buy the 55-200 again if I had to.  Amazing lens.  Couldn't be happier with it.

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I have both the 55-200 and the 50-230 OIS II .  Both produce stunning results , coupled with my X-Pro2 .

After many tests side-by side , I decided to carry with me only the lighter 50-230.  The much praised XF55-200 sits in the basement, for now.

The fact is : simply I cannot see the difference in IQ  !

Then I prefer to travel light.

I don't see many cases where the extra f-stop given by the XF lens would make a difference, for me.

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Thank you all for your input; it has been very useful. As a result (and with further online and offline researches of my own). I've pretty much decided to get the considerably lighter 50-230. A small extra point in its favor is that both the 50-230 and the 18-55 kit lens have the same 58mm filter size, a convenience.


So again, thanks to you all and to Fuji X Forum.

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