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Lens Adaptors X Mount to EF Mount

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Now that there are numerous lens adaptors out there, I think it's time for some evaluation.

While I'm not a Fuji owner...yet, I'm keen on knowing which adaptor is the bees knees.

Specifically X-mount to Canon EF mount.

I know of three : Steel's Rings, Fringer, Kipon

So, for all the adaptor owners out there, would be nice to hear from you.

I'm leaning towards the Fringer Pro at this time, what are your thoughts, such as, is the Pro version necessary, or the standard one ok with EF lenses.

Like, quality of product, does the adaptor fit well, hows the AF, aperture control, etc.

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as most times happens we’ve already spoken about this topic other times.


There are 3 types of adapters, with electrical aperture, with mechanic “ post lens” aperture, no aperture at all.

The electric aperture ones are expensive and somewhat clumsy, the mechanical “ post lens “ aperture ( outside the lens), don’t produce much depth of field increase and really quite quickly start vignetting (I have one).


Then you have adapters without aperture, albeit with or without focal reducer.


Be aware that some Canon lenses won’t work at all on fuji because they are focus by wire lenses.



on line you will find a number of adaptors some will have no aperture at all ( depends on the lens that you want to adapt) and some will, for the lenses that haven’t , some will have electrical contacts ( and external power supply) some will have also focal reducing capabilities like the Zhongyi lens turbo II.


Adapting zooms is not very useful when you lose the autofocus.


Adapting wideangles will be impractical and won’t yield great results anyway. 


So, in the end you will see that unless you are single minded adaptive photography will only ever be a marginal part of your photography because the caveats are way more than the advantages over the lenses of the Fuji system ( Unless you want to have a race car on the hand brake all the time).






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