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Off camera flash problem

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Hiya all,


I am at a total loss with this one.


I have a X100T and if I use the Godox tt350f flash on camera it will work ok at any shutter speed ttl manual etc and I get the results I want, if I then fit the Godox X1Tf and set the Godox and trigger to the right channels and groups it will all work ok and talk to each other but unless the shutter speed is kept at 1/60th sec or below the pictures are all under exposed even with a higher ISO and at f2 doesn't make any difference.


I have updated the firmware on both the flash and the trigger to the latest and have tried a full reset on the X100T and still the same, just wondering if any one else has had a similar problem and have I missed something really stupid here in the settings, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I seem to have exhausted all possibilities here, many thanks in advance for any help or advice, Clive.


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