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X-T20 battery life


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Hi everyone, I recently bought a X-T20 to use as a travel camera. I'm going overseas on a photography tour soon, so will be shooting all day, but I'm very concerned about battery life. I've set everything as suggested by Fujifilm to lengthen battery life but am still only getting <100 images from each charge. The only thing I didn't change was turning the IS off on the lens. I only shoot RAW. Any suggestions? From what I've read, there seems to be huge variations in the number of images people are getting.

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Hi SueM


The battery life on the Fuji x-T20 isn't wonderful, but you can get 3rd party spare batteries on Amazon relatively cheaply.  I've found that these last just as long as the fuji original that came with the camera. I have three batteries in total and I've never run out of power during a day out shooting whilst out and about. 

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As Markymarkf suggests,
get some extra spare batteries. Third part ones are cheap and reliable. Battery life depends on a lot of things, really but averagely is quite good on mine. On a busy afternoon shooting street-photography I can get more than 350 photos with rear display on.
I have three batteries in total and never get worried to run out of energy when travelling.

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