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Problems with access to forum via Tapatalk

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After three years of successfully accessing this forum using Tapatalk, yesterday I started to get problems logging in.  First I received an "Are you xxx with email address yyy?" message, but thereafter I received a pageful of undecoded HTML every time I attempted to log in.  Thinking that there might be a password problem, I told the forum that I had "forgotten" my password (via a browser, as the Tapatalk password reminder mechanism failed) so that a new password could be allocated.  This done I can successfully log into the forum from a browser, but Tapatalk gives me the message:


Log In Failed

The operation couldn't be completed (Forum SSO error 2)


Thinking that this might be a problem with older software on my iPad (running iOS 9) I tried to access the forum from my iPhone (running the latest iOS 11).  Both behaved identically.


Any ideas?


Many thanks in advance,


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Sorry folks – my fault, I didn't keep you up-to-date.

The GDPR, especially the German flavor DSGVO (Datenschutzgrundverordnung), keeps my busy (and is driving my crazy).
So I forgot to inform you here...

Long story short:
New privacy regulations go active on May 25th, relevant for everything related to processing of personal data.
This is what I do here with your email addresses etc. so this is very relevant for all of my forums.
Fines go up to 20 mio Euro...

I have to make sure that your personal data are protected from unauthorized access, for example by signing contracts with companies like my hosting provider.

Tapatalk had far-reaching access to the forum database but…
- doesn't offer such a contract
- is not compliant to EU privacy norms
… and wasn't very open to questions (to say the least)

Thus I'm running an immense risk if I continue to run Tapatalk.
I'm planning the update to a new forum version which brings much better support for mobile access but I can't promise an exact date.

Again: Sorry for the late information but this is an existential risk for me.


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Advertisement (gone after registration)



Many thanks for the information.  I should have realised that the problems might be related to GDPR... 



I'll access the forum via a browser in the meantime, but an iPad-friendly mechanism in the future would be very much appreciated.


All the best,



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Seems like Tapatalk have solved the GDPR issues.


I am using the mobile browser interface for once now to access this forum. But IMHO it is pretty awkward compared to the Tapatalk app.


I hope this will be solved at some point. Until then I go back to "Winterschlaf". Fortunately there still is another similar forum which does support Tapatalk, so it's not a cold turkey experience.

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OK CHROME easy access....automatically with my user name; like now


NOT OK: WINDOWS EXPLORER access denied; site requesting EMAIL /  Password; account not known.


Prefer to use WINDOWS EXPLORER with Trusteer Protection anti-virus included.






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Sorry no news and – sorry again – I'm not going to install Tapatalk again.

I had so much trouble with the Tapatalk guys, thus I have no more trust in this company that I open access to our database with a lot of sensible data.

I know that some of you will be really annoyed, but I prefer to be clear in this matter.


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