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Theater shoots with 16-55 or 18-55 on a XT2


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Question for all the stage and theater shooters out there. I've been using my XT2 and 18-55 to shot my theater work and am thinking about getting the 16-55. Will it be worth it? Seeing that the 16-55 will not have OIS and the 18-55 does. My typical stage shots are set to 1/60s-1/120s at iso1600 or 800 if I am lucky with the lights, and the 18-55 usually wide opened. Am I going to get any sharpness advantage with the 16-55? Yes, I can get the new XH1 but the size and price of that camera do not agree with me. Also, I do not shoot video at all so even less of an incentive for me to get the camera. Any input from professional shooters out there who does stage work with Fuji is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Attached is a typical stage shot that I do.

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Depends on what aperture you mostly use in the theatre. When shooting (normally lit) stage performances, I mostly use fixed focal lenses with most used apertures wider open than 2,8. In low light f2,8 is really not that fast. F2 is better, f1,4 (on a crop camera) is even better. I would use the 35/1,4, the 56/1,2 (or 50/f2) and maybe the 90 f2.


The 16-55 is sharper and gives somehow more reliable results than the 18-55, but it is a very heavy lens, and still not that fast really... Of course at the long end, at F4, the 18-55mm is really slow in low light. You will hardly get ISO under 3200...

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I've got both lenses.
I cannot see a difference in sharpness.
The 16-55 is heavier but once used to it is a better option to countebalance how the X camera is lightweight. I mostly grab the system by the lens, this way.
The 18-55 is a lovely lens for travelling but if you like to shoot openwide, is not ideal.
Both are great lenses.

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