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JPEG astrophotography

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I finally did it. I finally have figured out the right settings to use here in light polluted NJ to get consistent good results in jpeg files straight out of camera for landscape astrophotography. With the right lens, right ISO settings, right lens filter, right aperture and shutter speed, it can be done. I’ve grown in my workflow and I hate spending time in front of the computer trying to make my astrophotography look good. I’d much prefer if I could get good results SOOC. That time has arrived. The last 6 shoots I did I used the same settings and got good results. Could I get even better by processing a RAW file? Yes. But this makes it too easy and it retains the more natural feel that I prefer. Here is a pic I took last night right outside of Atlantic City NJ.


Camera & Settings


Samyang 12mm f2.0 @ 2.0 set to infinity

Hoya Red Intensifier to reduce light pollution

ISO 3200

Shutter speed 20 seconds

Custom white balance of the scene (variable)

Camera profile Vivid

Color +3

NR +3

Sharpness +1

Shadows -2

Highlights -2 when in heavy light pollution otherwise 0.

DR 200%

Long Exposure NR OFF

Color sRGB


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