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Mike G

X-H1 further musings

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Now several weeks into the X-H1:


The Good!

This new body seems to fit my quite small male hands superbly.

The new rounded buttons are much easier to use compared to the X-T2 flat buttons.

Faster AF even using the FX 35mm 1.4, other lenses also benefit from the improved algorithm.

The improved card hatch and connector hatch are an improvement.

I perceive a small improvement in image quality.

The output equals or betters the X-T2

Also I see the LCD as being sharp as a tack.

The EVF is great the detail is super.

The menus are familiar but encompass the new facilities.

The whole experience of the camera seems slicker and quicker.

An almost silent shutter noise is very good.

The X-H1 in my eyes is an evolution of the X-T2, which in my mind is better than a revolution.

The body feels a lot more robust, time will tell if the finish is as equally robust?

Of course all your lenses and most bits fit.

IBIS because it doesn’t intrude.


Not so good.

The extra 5 ozs of weight.

Battery life.

Apparent feature of the normal mode LCD & EVF where the refresh rate slows down.(I think this is a bug and not a feature)

Boot up a tad slower.


According to my list the pros outweigh the cons by a fair margin. Another reassuring feature is that Fuji will tweak and improve the camera in the same way that they have done to their other photo products!

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