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Speed test Luminar Jupiter update- article

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Hi All,

I spent the last couple weeks throwing tough files (Fuji X-Trans 24MP, Sony 42MP) at the Luminar Jupiter update that was officially released yesterday (12 April) Skylum gave me an advance copy to do the testing so I wrote a review of this new release of Luminar, which I just posted on my blog and was also picked up by PetaPixel.

I did my testing on an averagely equipped laptop and a fast desktop, both Macs. I have been hearing that Windows users aren't seeing speed increases as dramatic as on Mac platform. In case you saw Skylum's charts in their marketing, they make it look faster than my real world tests. But in all fairness, I don't know how they conducted their tests. I did mine with a digital stopwatch.

I also covered most of the other significant changes in the update. BTW, this update is free to current owners of Luminar 2018. In my article I also have links and codes that allow you to piggyback discounts if you have an interest in purchasing or upgrading from the 2017 version. Skylum is also including a bunch of extra freebies, many of which look useful.

Hope you like the review- the data part is empirical but of course I express my opinions about other aspects, both positive and not positive.



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