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Any fisheye for GFX-50S?

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I doubt there’s a 35mm fisheye with the image circle needed to cover the GFX sensor. I wish someone would make an enlarging lens adapter, like a reverse SpeedBooster, even if it would rob a stop of light. UPDATE: Laowa makes one: https://www.venuslens.net/product/laowa-magic-format-converter-mfc/ but with no electronic connection to the camera, the EF version I’d need has no aperture control (The Nikon version has it, though)

Laowa also recently introduced GFX dedicated 17mm f4 (~13mm on GFX) - not a fisheye, no AF but 115 degrees angle of view. (Not shilling for Laowa - never even tried any of their lenses)

Here’s another idea: a SpeedBooster for GFX so you could use older *real medium format lenses without cropping. Mmmm... the Hasselblad 30mm f3,5 on a GFX… https://www.flickr.com/photos/dorkstar/5933520512/in/photolist-a3gYzT-a6X3k5-a3jQVN (A skate photo I made with a 503CW and the H-blad fisheye)  

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One might try the old Mamiya Fisheye ULD lens with the Fotodiox adapter. Let me know as I have many older Mamiya lenses which should adapt just fine to the GFX and I am dying to try them out once I receive my 50R.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

A veces complicamos nuestras vidas, y quizás la solución sea más sencilla.
Cámara: Fujiflim GFX 50S
Adaptador: Techart.
Lente: ojo de pez SAMYANG 8 mm f / 3.5 UMC CS II - para Canon (269,00 €)
Sin ángulo de parasol 180ºx180º
3 imágenes cada 120º tiene esa parabólica 360º de una resolución de más de 13,000x6,000 píxeles con una superposición En cada imagen del 30%.
Fuji no reconoce la lente, por lo que no corta 35 mm. En Sigma 8mm si lo haces.
Al final, con un factor de corrección, obtendremos algunas fotos como si estuviéramos tubing una lente de 7.80 mm.




La lente no tiene una calidad de fuji, pero satisface una necesidad.
Enfoque manual, pero si disparas con un diaframa f8, todo está enfocado.

If you pay attention. You will see the hairs on my head, when I am located behind the camera, I do not know how they do it ....



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It is interesting that the 8mm is for APSC but gives a full circle on FF and GFX. 

The Samyang/rokinon/etc 12mm fishheye is designed for FF and would be very interesting to try on the GFX! 

They are both stereoscopic projection, and surprisingly high quality for the price. The projection is much more useful (a bit less fishy) for general use. 

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Laowa 17mm f4 Zero-D with native GFX mount is available for preorder, expected availability is mid-August.  This is the rectilinear lens mentioned above with a 113-degree field of view.

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