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Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

Patrick FR

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  • 3 weeks later...

20 fps really seems like overkill to me.  The 11 fps of the Xt-2 is MORE than enough, if not too much for me.  However, if the XT-3 can shoot that many frames that quick, then the improvement in Auto-focus speed must be quite significant.  THAT would make a big difference for me.

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23 hours ago, Patrick FR said:


Sounds like they may get my dollars after all.  The difference from XT-2 to XT-3 is nothing compared to the XT-1 to XT-2 jump, at least from what I have seen so far.  Actually, I've been thinking on passing this time, but at the right price....  

I'm thinking Fuji is working on a smart strategy - sell the camera well below competition, make the profit on consumer GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).  You know anyone moving from Canon/Nikon to Fuji is going to need more than just one lens :) 

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Hmmmm! I didn't realize it was going to be cheaper. Interesting.

I was very, very frustrated to hear that it's not getting IBIS, given that even our little iPhones and Androids have image stabilization, as well as smaller cameras from most other major makers (i.e. it's not a size thing). The touch screen I couldn't care less about, but some of the other improvements are appealing (including longer battery life - yes!!!). We will see if it's worth upgrading from my X-T2 for something that doesn't have the main thing I was expecting and hoping for in the X-T3. At this point I kinda doubt it -- I don't do super fast continuous shooting and am about 50/50 manual vs. autofocus, so faster autofocus is not a big deal to me, though of course to many others it is. 

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On 4/17/2018 at 2:17 PM, Lumens said:

Now we have the XT-3 to tempt us, so I need to see a reason to spend the cash for the upgrade.  I'm not sure the stacked sensor and improved AF will be enough this time.  The XT-2 does quite a good job as is.  The smudge screen is more of a turn off for me so the XT-3 so far only offers a limited improvement..

The big improvement I expect is in Dynamic range and autofocus accuracy (more than speed for me)  that a 3 year younger sensor should deliver.   

As to touch screen, you can turn it off as I have on my H1 but it seems to be needed in the Marketing Specification wars fought in camera reviews and the blogosphere. We need the fuji ecosystem to thrive to get ongoing development so if it matters to some buyers, Fuji should include it. 

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In my opinion, being made in China - read less production expenses/lower salaries - only worth if the price is significantly lower.

However I hope it won't happen the same it happened to Nikon, with cameras and, even more, lenses.

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14 hours ago, jabell said:

Am I the only one who thinks the silver model looks like the silver part would just scrape off, showing black underneath?

I just pre-ordered the silver, this being my only reservation, but it just looks so cool!  :)  Hopefully it stands up with the normal Fuji quality - time will tell.

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    • Thank you for checking, I have just observed the same behavior with the 35mm f/2 - X-S10 with v2.10 chooses 1/100s. I guess I will use the specific minimum shutter speed or simply force myself to use the M mode more. 
    • Can I ask, what type of audio are you looking to capture?
    • Hi All, This is my first post. Hope this hasn't been covered before. I have something I'm trying to figure out on my x100v. I typically have my camera in natural live view with "Preview Exposure" off because I don't like seeing my exposure settings reflected in the image in the EVF. However, it seems that, in this setup, the live histogram no longer adjusts based on my exposure settings... Is there any way to get the histogram to show results based on what the resulting image will be without having the EVF brighten/darken based on exposure settings? With "preview exposure" on, I find it hard to compose-- especially in certain situations when trying to protect the HL's. Thanks very much! Collin
    • Hi all,Second post here would appreciate the input. I just purchased an X-T3 and X-H1.The EVFs on paper are meant to be the same with same refresh rates when in boost mode.The sizes are also meant to be almost exactly the same at 0.50 inches X-T3 and 0.48 inches X-H1 with the same resolution.However the X-H1 EVF feels smaller (bigger black border around the edges) and not as clear. It also gives me eye strain after just a few minutes. (I have adjusted diopter). It feels like its further away if that makes sense?Has anyone else noticed a difference between the EVFs when using them side by side because on paper they are meant to be the same. Perhaps its just this particular X-H1.Thanks,
    • I must have activated the wrong setting because now when I switch to the OVF the white windows stays for a second and then completely disappears. Any idea how to get it back? Thank you all so much. 🙂
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