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Hello Fuji fans and also, X-Pro series lovers,


I am really interested in the future X-Pro3, as I had the X-Pro1 and now I happily use the X-Pro2. We all have specific reasons to love the X-Pro series and I think the X-Pro3 would be an interesting topic to discuss, too.


Looking at the launching dates of X-Pro1 and X-Pro2, compared to the dates when X-T1 and X-T2 were launched, I hoped I could see a pattern in Fujifilm's calendar;  where X-Pro series presents us technical improvements that will follow on the X-T series. But with the rumoured X-T3 launching date for September 2018 and no consistent info on the upcoming X-Pro3, this pattern isn't valid any longer. We'll have, this time, the X-T3 before the X-Pro3, that we almost know nothing about. It seems the market trends and the competition can dictate changes in the calendar pattern I was talking about.


I invite you to share your impressions on the X-Pro3; what would you like to see on this future model, when do you think it will be announced?


So far, I could only speculate that X-Pro3 will get the improvements that are rumoured to be implemented within X-T3:


1. New X PRO Processor. A new, faster, one, or we could speculate the presence of 2 X Pro Processors, to cope with the new performance requirements;

2. New software, with improved AF and better noise reduction - what we see inside the X-H1;

3. New X-Trans sensor, as rumoured, with a resolution over 24 MP, but less than 30 MP. A 28 MP resolution could make sense, in order to get resolution improvements, but still not sacrificing low-light performance and not putting too much strain on the processor(s);

4. Some new aspects, like ETERNA, (plus the improved AF and noise reduction I was mentioning above) and maybe video improvements (that I don't find particularly necessary, especially when we have X-H1 for that and even the improved X-T2);

5. A better build body with more scratch resistant cover, better weather sealing and with a more resistant magnesium alloy chassis, as the X-H1 is over the X-T2; with 25% improved resistance.


What I also would like to see is:


A. A better battery, or battery life - as this is also a very important aspect and with increased performance, may also come an increased energy consumption.

B. A larger viewfinder - at least at the eye exit level, with a better refresh rate for the electronic viewfinder.

C. Some button reconfiguration - if necessary, or an extra Fn button, for better accessibility.



I don't have a long list of requests, as I am happy with my X-Pro2, but I think I have covered important aspects that we could (and we would like to) see in the upcoming X-Pro3.


I invite you to share with us your ideas and comments.


May the Light be with you! Best regards,



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Hi Sebastian,


I think those are very reasonable requests!


I wrote three articles speculating about that very subject








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#1 Multi aspect-ration sensor is my #1 Imagine a square 24MP for shooting portraits in Across (or whatever you like) and a wider aspect for landscape. An oversized sensor could do this with essentially the same pixel size and effective higher resolution output since you wouldn't need to crop.



#2 A menu system with context sensitive menu's that show you what is available and unavailable for all settings and leaves everything in the same place so you can see the changes when you for example chose manual vs auto focus.



#3 Downsize but add a decent grip for single handed shooting.

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My Great Wish would actually for the next x-pro to have increased sensor pixel size, similar to sony's  a7S. Downside is lower resolution images, but the better low light performance, plus possibly improved battery life, would be worth it imo.

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My Great Wish would actually for the next x-pro to have increased sensor pixel size, similar to sony's a7S. Downside is lower resolution images, but the better low light performance, plus possibly improved battery life, would be worth it imo.

Entirely wrong. Better low light performance is better electronic circuits with an advance in the signal to noise ratio ie better amplification.

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Entirely wrong. Better low light performance is better electronic circuits with an advance in the signal to noise ratio ie better amplification.


Is it? From what I understand of the a7s sensor, the actual per pixel area size on the sensor (not the sensor size) being bigger is a major factor in its better low light performance. That's the reason the sensor has  about 12 megapixel compared to more than double of sony's other full frame cameras.

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Interesting suggestions. I, too, would like to see a better low-light performance at higher ISO, but I doubt they will reduce the amount of pixels, for that purpose. Better to expect a slight increase in performance, by tweaking the software, maybe a new sensor could help, too.

This is the new info we got, about the X-T3 and we can speculate, we would see those improvements on the X-Pro3, as well :

Quoting Patrick from Fujirumors :


"If the rumor is correct, then there will be 3 main aspects, that will make the Fujifilm X-T3 a speed monster:


stacked sensor (allows fast sensor readout)“only” 26MP (not excessively many megapixel means less data to elaborate for the processor)new X-Processor


Keep in mind that, as we also already told you, the Fujifilm X-T3 will not have IBIS and be announced around photokina 2018 (September)"


So, what do you think?

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I love my X-Pro2 just the way it is, but dreaming about improvements (for my uses), my vote would be for a future X-Pro3 to include:


Retaining a body size and weight similar to my X-Pro2. 


Improved organization for menus.  Group menu options more logically, please.


Auto-ISO that takes into account the focal length of the attached lens (with zoom lenses, the FL currently set)


IBIS - No reason that the camera body has to be as large as a X-H1 for effective IBIS.  My former Olympus OMD bodies were a lot smaller and had terrific IBIS.


I second the suggestion for a faster-refresh EVF

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100 Iso base

Bigger buttons and better placement, i.e AF-L, AE-L

Tilt LCD

- 3 EV focusing sensitivity

NR setting for each iso value

A bit smaller body

Better battery

Better EVF - it's poor


Small 16/2 WR prime

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I'm not sure I need an X-pro 3 as I'm pretty happy with my 2.  The 1 not so much.  But if I had to put together a wish list I would want a better EVF.  I love the tilt screen on my GFX so I would add that.  Base ISO of 100 or lower would be nice but frankly I don't have a noise issue with the 2.  I'm not sure I would chase pixel count.  I've made great large prints with the 24 MP.  I think the quality of Fuji lenses is more important than adding more pixels.  That's what the GFX is for.  Better battery performance would be a biggie.  Better low light focusing would be good.  I would like the AF-L button to be larger and project further like the AE-L button.  Maybe a lock on the exposure comp dial like on the shutter speed.  It is still too easy to inadvertently change it.    And please let me add formatting to MY menu.  That should be done on the 2 in firmware updates.  

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The price of the X-Pro2 is slowly getting lower. I think when the X-Pro3 will come it will be a difficult choice for me, the X-Pro2(cheap)  or the X-Pro3. I hope they will add a tilt screen at it. Did borrow a camera with a tilt screen and I liked it more than I thought. It gives you a more convenient way for a different point of view.


Getting some fresh air ~  een frisse neus halen by Plooifiets, on Flickr

In fact I liked it so much that I'm considering never to buy a camera without such a screen. 

A friend told me that there is a Sony . . . .


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Hello to all Fuji lovers, 


For me since it's gonna be sometime around xmas for the X-T3 , I think that a logical step would be for the X-PRO3 to have the new stacked sensor , some faster ergos ( check out these designs by this talented guy for some reference, https://twitter.com/iudaismus/media ) and a bigger OVF-EVF along with some autofocus speed and also a smaller - (yes I said smaller) flip screen for vlogging .   I'm not gonna ask for some higher video specs because other than quick journalistic clips  and some vlogging, it would ruin the camera's intended use. If X - PRO2 or X-RPO3 had a 1080 - 120fps  video for smoother slow motion it would be THE perfect camera for a LOT of people.

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I think there will be first a X-pro2s with marginal improvements (may be also 4K) since Fujifilm and Panasonic put a lot of resurch efforts into a new sensor, which I believe is not yet ready. The X-pro2 after all is a good tool if you like the rangefinder system (I love it). 


As a outdoors man (hiking and sailing) I'd also love to see of course again weather resistant/sealed bodies for both the future x100 and the X-pro series with at least a tiltable screen (so practical), 4K video and better battery life. In body shake compensation (on the X-pro) would be a plus, faster AF as well.  

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I love my XP2's, but there are some possible improvements.


I would like to be able to toggle between two sets of "overall" camera settings with a function button.

I find it to easy to accidentally nudge the exposure comp dial (but a lock would not be desirable!), as well as the diopter adjustment dial.

Wearing my glasses I can not see the entire viewfinder area, and in bright light the eyecup provides inadequate shielding.

Audio tagging shots would be nice.

The current neck-strap attachment clips make me nervous. The XP2 plus a 100-400 is a pretty heavy and expensive package depending on a little piece of wire to keep them from crashing to the concrete!



I do not see the need to increase the pixel count, and would actually prefer something around 16Mp. I find f/8 to limiting, especially when already using slow lenses. 

And yes, I have no need for video capability in this camera.

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I am afraid there won't be an x-pro3. The x-pro series was the reason I bought into the Fuji system. A truly inventive and singular camera both 1 and 2 (as well as the 100's) With the advent of the XT's, H1 and GFX It seems the x-pro series recedes into the background. If Fuji does not continue with the x-pro cameras I won't continue with Fuji. P.S. I use the OVF 90% of the time.


IBS would be nice. They have it in the Sony 6500 which is no thicker than the x-pro

Nice to have a screen like the xt100 so that you could position the face into the body (no touch screen).but not necessary

3 magnifications to the OVf but more to the wide end for pancake 16mm or 14mm lens.*

A bigger and higher density EVF (Sony Unveils EVF with 1.6x Resolution Increase and 240fps Refresh Rate) Better eye relief and expanded diopter adjustment."

Always improved focus accuracy and speed.*

Complete program ability for all the buttons, especially the front wheel*

better battery life*

Keep up with sensor development as well as processor chips*

Simplify the menus and get rid of video function.*


We will see but I think this is all wishful thinking.

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I don’t know when or if it comes but I hope it will be next year. By then I will decide if I buy one., or buy the Pro2. But I’m also tempted by the X-E3, what a nice clear backside! If it had a flip screen I would have bought it in a heartbeat! I found an interesting free item for photographers here  http://fixthephoto.com/

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