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I have the fuji 18mm f2 and the fuji 35mm f2 lens, 16-50mm kit lens.  Any suggestions for other lens?  Thinking 23mm and/or 27mm and/or 50mm.  I do understand it depends on "what you shoot" but I'd like to have an idea as to what I should have in the bag.  Never know when shooting habits change.  Thanks

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How about the new Laowa 9mm? It’s small, it’s light, it’s ultra wide and it’s optically corrected. People like Jonas Rask are raving about it. It’s also very different from the focal lengths you currently have.




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I shoot about 90% of my images with either the 23mm or 35mm f/1.4 whether I'm traveling, on the streets, or hiking. I think there's enough of a difference to merit owning both and making them permanent residents of a camera bag. 


My bag typically has my X-Pro2 with the 23mm and 35mm (with one of them attached) and sometimes a third lens if I'm traveling or shooting portraits. For my third lens I pick one from the 16mm, 56mm, or 55-200mm depending on what I feel the situation will call for. 


Having too many lenses in your bag can be as problematic as having too few. I would probably sell the 16-50mm and pick up a 23mm and 55-200mm, but that's just my preference. If you strongly prefer zoom lenses then that might be completely wrong advice.

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I would like to join this topic I have X-T2 with 18-55 mm lens and I am wondering is it worth buying new prime lens? What suggestions do you have? I am thinking about lens Fujinon XF 23mm F2 or 35mm F2. Which is better? 

They're equally good pretty much. Decide on which focal lenght what suits you best.


I personally prefer 35 f/2 because I shot a lot of shots of candid shots, but 23 f/2 would be more useful for indoors shooting.

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Which is better? 


The one you'd use more. If you have all your photos in something like Lightroom or such, take a look at which focal length most of your photos are shot. Then think about whether a faster lens (more background blur, faster shutter speeds at lower light levels) would REALLY help you. Using a prime is not for everybody. It's a different experience than a zoom. If you tend to use your zoom all over its range, don't get a prime unless you are actually missing something. If you tend to cluster your photos (like most people) at the ends of the zoom range or at specific "points" (let's say you see that you take lots of photos between 18 and 25mm, you might want to think about getting one of the 23mm lenses), you can think about whether getting a prime in that specific focal length would help you in any particular way. 


I'm a prime shooter generally, but I do enjoy having only a zoom when on vacation where photography is not the main topic. 


Frequent lens changes are big pain for you and for whoever is with you at that time, so think about the social aspect as well. If you tend to shoot two different but distinct focal lengths, like you have a 40:40:20 distribution of using your zoom at 18mm, 55mm, and "other", than having just one prime will annoy you. If your cluster approaches 70% towards a narrow range of focal length, that might not be a problem. If you have two distinct ones, two bodies with primes will be what you might end up with. 


Personally I currently use a X100F with it's native 23 and have an X-T2 with me that either has the 14mm or the 56mm mounted. So, with one grab I can get "the other" focal length I have with me, no changing, no delaying and so. 

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