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High Performance Mode - Battery vs. Speed


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Does anyone has any real life experience on how the setting "High Performance Mode" in the power management will have an actual impact on the speed (boot up time, processing, focussing, etc...)? And if yes, is the battery power affected significantly? 

I'm just curious why the setting is turned off per default by Fuji. 


Btw, thanks fujirumors! If I had not read your tips on how to make the best out of the new AF system, I would not even know that this setting exists ;)

- Enable Mechanical Shutter (MS) only. The camera won’t focus between each shot (CL or CH) if MS+ES (electronic shutter) is enabled.
– Turn Off face detection to enable PDAF
– High Performance Mode ON

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I worked around the issue by getting 2 extra batteries from third party (patona) along their traveler friendly charger.


As for the battery life, it is kind of hard to give concrete numbers as numerous factors need to be taken into accounts.


For my case on the third party battery with only evf sensor and around 20% chipping, I get around 350 shots before I start seeing the red battery icon.

Enhanced mode on and OIS enabled too.

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Its 100% worth turning high performance on


I have found on my X-E2 that the battery drain can be compensated by ensuring that you have Pre AF and AF light turned off.

I find in the majority of my shooting these two things are not neccessary YMMV


The AF light is only really useful in low light situations so I just turn it back on ad-hoc in those situations, although quite often I tend to slap on the 35mm and shoot wide open and that is normally enough to get the focus to behave. So its very rare that it gets turned back on.


In terms of Pre-AF from the sounds of it the new Continous zone focus might well negate the need for it, but experiment. I turned it off after a couple of months using the camera and have never felt the need to turn it back on. YMMV

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I noticed an unexplained battery drain yesterday and noticed that the X-T1's proximity sensor did not turn off. After a bit of fiddling I found that this was because the "high performance mode" feature was turned on. When the mode was off, the sensor turned off with the camera. Further testing today showed that the proximity sensor turns off after about 25 mins when the camera is on high performance mode. 


I haven't tested the high performance mode before installing the most recent 4.0 firmware version so I'm wondering if it's a firmware bug. Anybody else have the same issue? 

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I noticed an unexplained battery drain yesterday and noticed that the X-T1's proximity sensor did not turn off


You either run your camera through the microammeter in a cave, or you read too much forums. Pick one. Better yet, get a life.

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I see.. Thank you for your input. 

Last time I checked this was a community where if someone has a question others can help them, respectfully, or if you cannot, why not make better use of your precious time and mine..
My question is related to battery life and the high performance mode. I could not find anything on this online, so I'm wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms, if not, maybe it was a one off. No need for life coaching tips, thanks. 
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I see.. Thank you for your input. 


Let me elaborate. To notice that the proximity sensor is on, you'd need to be in a total darkness or have a IR imaging device handy. To notice an "unexplained battery drain" in one day you either have to do a straight 10+ hours of shooting, burning through an unusual amount of batteries, or hook your camera to the battery through the microammeter and have a previous readings on hand to compare.


why not make better use of your precious time and mine..


Frankly, I'm puzzled. 

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 I have  2 X-T1's, one of which ,when shut down with the  HP mode activated, will have it's  eye sensor glow for approx. 20+ minutes and is clearly seen from a distance across a dimly lit room.  The other x-t1's eye  sensor LED can only been seen  in very low light .  early/late production sequence does not appear to be a factor as the  one that glows more  prominently has the higher  serial number and  later manufactures  date. I have not been able to judge any difference in  battery life between the two.


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That eye sensor thing makes a lot of sense.

I often had weird battery drain on the X-E2 sometimes when I put it in the bag, I believe there was a thread on it relating it to high performance mode. But if it does leave EVF sensor activated that would go a long way to explaining it.


Totally annecdotally I have noticed that if I turn the camera off in shooting mode, things are normally okay and I rarely get the battery drain.


If I turn it off while in playback mode then I often get the drain. So don't know whether its a bug related to turning off in playback mode?



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