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three days in a monastery, with the x-pro2.

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Hiya. My thoughts that may help a bit

#1: Pretty dull, I personally would dump this one
#2: Interesting pic. I wonder if a slightly changed viewpoint to show a bit more of the scene that the monk is contemplating would enhance the Image more
#3: Again not that interesting for me. I went back to this several times to see if it kindled any better interest but sorry, no.
#4: I rather liked this one. The bowed head slowly trudging to church with the cross showing just near, but the composition is a bit off tho. Maybe slightly lower and panned more right to cut out that distracting building and tree on the left?
#5: I like this one. The simplicity and sparseness. Matbe a slightly tighter crop to remove the door handle showing on the right and the starting of the second cross on the left might improve it?
#6: Not as good as 5 but ok. If you had panned 2 inches more to the left so that you had not cut into the alter cloth it would look better. I would also play with cropping the top to see if removing one or two of the lights works better as well however it may not if it affects the cross too much. If at all possible I would see if I could re-take this image next visit but from a lower perspective and standing more to the left, then I would crop the windows out to make a panoramic type of image to see how that looked 
#7: Another one that I would personally dump. #4 was far more powerful. Also the tree does not help it rather hinders it
#8: looks like an image taken from a car window. Again, not one that I would personally keep. If the idea was to show the church/monument? isolation, you need to be the other side of that fence'
Hope that helped some, it will be interesting to see some more images when you next visit. If so, try to put them together so that they are telling a story


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