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Meike 85mm macro

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I’ve just been trying out one of these.

The good—

Price is very modest

Image quality is better than acceptable, maybe that’s an understatement

Fit is tight. Focus ring(s) action is smooth and not at all sloppy

Construction seems sturdy

Better an 1:1 using second focus ring

More distance between from of lens and subject than Giji’s 70mm


The not so good—


Takes very little motion to change focus from infinity to close up. This means using as a general purpose telephoto is clumsy

The second focus ring for magnification greater than 1:1 is clever but I’m not sure it is all that worthwhile

aperture ring is located right behind the front lense ahead of the focus rings and also turns in the opposite direct from the normal Fuji lens. Works but feels wierd.

Rather heavy.

Focus peaking doesn’t seem to work real well with the lense. Not enough contrast? I don’t know



Valid choice if you can’t afford Fuji’s 80mm macro.

Valid choice if 1:1 is a requirement even though could afford the 60mm.

If 1:2 is all you need/want stick with 60mm

If you CAN afford Fuji’s 80mm macro and need 1:1 go with that

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