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X-E3 evf eyecup

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I am considering purchasing an X-E3. My research shows a number of people complaining about the eyecup on the EVF, especially if they were glasses. IS this really a big issue and, if so, is there any workarounds. I did see an aftermarket #D-printed(?) piece for X-E1 through X-E2s that might work on an X-E3 but I am not sure.[1] Any other ideas?


[1] https://www.shapeways.com/product/VK9SPXD69/eyecup-adapter-for-x-e1-x-e2-x-e2s-v2?optionId=62042310&li=marketplace

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A bit late to the party here, but...  actually, the Shapeways eyecup adapter shown in terrapin44's link is the newer design, which doesn't get in the way of the camera strap fixings.  My only worry with it is that it might push the user's eye a few mm further away from the viewfinder.  Oh, and there's a likelihood that the wide Nikon eyecup might obscure the proximity sensors that switch between LCD screen and EVF.

As an X-E2 owner, though, I agree that for left-eye squinters like me, the camera's built-in rectangular rubber eyepiece surround is woefully inadequate in bright daylight - MASSIVE light leakage round the side of the camera body.  Dear me!  One of the very few design flaws on an otherwise excellent camera.

I've been mulling over the possibility of fixing a small flat "baffle" to the side of the camera body to block out the light spill - I'm not sure quite how, though!


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