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I came across this critter sunning itself on a bike path / walkway:

Autumn is a rough time for reptiles. It is not cold enough for them to find a place to nap over the winter, but the cold mornings make them sluggish. So they crawl out the the hot spots trying to warm up.

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    • I'm 90% sure it's firmware related. It's far too inconsistent to be a hardware issue. I reached out to Fuji Repair a few months ago and they had not heard of the issue and advised I send it in, but somebody on Facebook said sending it in did nothing.
    • It has to be a problem with the firmware, surely? I'm inclined to send it for repair but because it happens infrequently I'm put off sending it back should they not be able to replicate the issue.  Surely Fuji must be aware of this problem.
    • Yeah, that sounds right in terms of frequency of occurrence. No resolution or even determination of cause unfortunately, just confirmation its quite common in the Facebook group, and its not limited to exposure compensation, but any other front-dial activity 
    • Did you find out any more about this problem or how to resolve it? Im experiencing the same thing.
    • This same thing is happening to my camera. It doesn't happen all the time. Id say one in every 15 times it is switched on. I then have to switch it off then back on again to cure the problem.   Did you manage to resolve the issue or find out why it might be happening?
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