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Wishlist for next update for X-T20

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I'm quite happy about annoucement of new update for X-T20, however there are few things that I'm really missing and some updates could add some of those in future. For instance:


1. Add histogram to video mode.

2. Add mic-level preview in video mode.

3. Customization of front dial.

4. Faster response of sensor in EVF + eye sensor mode.

5. Ability to wake up camera by press different button than shutter-release button (sometimes it wakes camera and also take picture immediately).

6. Smaller horizontal line, less disturbing during shooting.

7. More sensitive camera position sensor. Sometimes menu wont turn to portrait mode after turn camera in that angle.

8. Ability to add vignette effect in JPG's, like grain or saturation.


What do you think is still missing and could be added or fixed? Thanks.


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10. Integral grip with shutter button

11. Remove exposure compensation dial

12. Add top lcd

13. Add in body geotagging

That would be some amazing firmware! You do have a point, though with the EX Comp. I set it on C and use the front dial. No need for the dial per se. I would prefer to keep the dial but be programmable: white balance, ISO, film sim, anything that works in a range.


I would like to be able to label my Custom presets.


Fix the quirky Auto ISO presets issue,


Most of what the OP said. I’m pretty happy with the way it is, though!

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