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Bag for hiking (Lowepro Photo Sport BP or other recommendations?)

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I am looking for a backpack for day hikes that can hold my Fuji camera and a couple of lenses and a tripod. I also want space for my jacket, first aid kit, snacks, water, etc. I also don't really want to spend more then $100-$150. The Lowepro Photo Sport BP AW II look promising (in ether 200 or 300 size) but I am not sure how well they would hold a tripod without seeing one in person (local camera shop doesn't have any). It has trekking pole holders but I am not sure how sturdy they are for a tripod. Does anyone have experience with this bag? Any other recommendations?

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I use an Osprey Stratos 24 with a Tenba BYOB 10 insert. I find that it's far more versatile than camera backpacks if you want something that will serve many purposes. It's also incredibly comfortable and you can buy a hydration insert too. All around great solution if hiking and photography are equal priorities for you. The Tenba BYOB 10 holds my X-Pro2, 16mm, 23mm, 35mm, and 56mm lenses. Cleaning kit and spare batteries go in another pocket. Plenty of space for snacks, jacket, etc. If you want a tripod you can attach it to the outside of the pack.

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I have an F-Stop Kenti for this purpose. Holds all my gear, tripod, lunch, a change of clothes and couple other things. It's discontinued now but one pops up on eBay every so often. The rolltop is really versatile and the bag is really comfortable and light feeling even when it's full of gear. Remember to load any bag you are trying out and make sure you test the waist straps. The waist straps make all the difference between lugging around a super heavy pack on your shoulders or having the weight evenly distributed and feeling like nothing at all nothing at all nothing at all.


I dislike bags that use inserts instead of just being a camera bag because they always feel like two separate pieces. My Gura Gear Uintas works great for my Fuji kit but putting other gear in it is a pain because the rest of the bag has no structure around the insert. It's just all floppy. 


Also, you'll lack quick access to your gear, having to set your bag down to access the rear panel. Not a big deal if you just hike somewhere and take photos but it's slightly more inconvenient if you're using your gear along the way.


Photo Sport is a good bag. I'd check out F-Stop and Mindshift for other outdoor focused photo backpacks.

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I work at a camera store and I was just looking at the Photo Sport 200. I'd probably go with the 300 size. It isn't noticibly bigger or heavier when you're wearing it and it's got more usable space. The 200 is maybe a bit too small.


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Thanks, I am 6'2" and I was wondering about the 200 vs. 300. 

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Took my bag out on a 15km hike up a mountain on the weekend and it was as comfortable as it could be. A good hip belt makes all the difference. F-Stop stuff is excellent for this purpose. My only complaint is that it's less comfortable with a hydration bladder in the back so I opted for a water bottle instead...for which there isn't really a good place to put it. 


If anyone has money to burn, though, here's another promising looking outdoor bag: https://www.shimodadesigns.com/

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after lots of searching and trial and error, The Mindshift Rotation 22L works best for more athletic pursuits, hiking, cycling. great features for hiking with your camera and lenses. best....you don’t need to remove the pack to take out your camera. 

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