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[Legal] EU street photography under the GDPR

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I recently came across this document that made me wonder about the future of street photography in Europe under the GDPR.


To sum it up: this Malta based organization interprets the "personal data" concept contained in the GDPR as also encompassing pictures of identifiable people taken on the street. It basically states that street photographers wishing to publish their work should systematically get model releases or blur subjects faces lest they violate data protection principles.


I had never thought of the GDPR that way and failed to find any other paper, official or non-official, that concurs with that. To the European street photographers here - what do you think about the document? Has Malta had a history of strict privacy regarding photographing people in public places, hence the overzealous interpretation of the EU directive, or do you see this spreading to other EU countries as the GDPR gets transposed in local laws?

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I have recently been sent an email by Instagram telling me that my profile shall he deleted because i have photographs of people. 

I am a maltese street photography enthusiast and i find that the laws are way to strict and it is very appalling to see that the eu is taking away the one aspect that made street photography so great, the candid part of it. 

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