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Make sense of bracketed Images.


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I love my XT-2 so can't figure out how they can improve enough for me to spring on the XT-3 that is rumored.  Then I got to thinking of the one thing that drives me crazy and how to fix it. 


I don't know how many times I've bracketed photos and then during post-process could not identify which images were included in the group.  I tend to take a single shot before or after the bracketed series so then I have a problem identifying which images are part of the bracketed group.

I propose that when bracketing, number the images of the group with an identifier. That is rather than a series of images numbered sequentially, name the group as one image, then number each image. Something like DSCF3657-1.raf, DSCF3657-2.raf, DSCF3657-3.raf, DSCF3657-4.raf, DSCF3657-5.raf, etc. This would identify the bracketed group as DSCF3657.raf with each member of that group identified in sequence.

No more need to take an image of a finger before starting the bracket, then another after the bracket (Which I always forget to do). I don't believe any other manufacturer does this, so Fuji can be the leader.

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Nobody else does that because it's not allowed by the DCF specification for camera file naming.


I'd think you'd be able to tell by the files' time stamps. They all should be the same, or at least within one second of each other.


Hmm, didn't know that!  Too bad.  Likely I just need to remember that finger shot before & after the bracket.  I've also learned info on bracketing and continuous images are saved in the Metadata, but only a very few metadata readers show it.  Being able to read that while post-processing would help.

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This doesn't fix what you want but what I do is take a picture of the inside of my hat or hand or something else that is completely different just before and after a bracket or anytime else I want a set of photos to standout. I often do this when change locations where the scenery may still be similar (i.e. different points along the California coast).

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