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eXperiment - embedding lens filter

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Front lens caps are nicely protecting your lens… until you accidentally scratch the front glass element by misplaced cap border in the photo bag. I also don’t like front caps for the extra time required to take them off.


Protective filters solves that concerns. However I often don’t like how the lens look with filter, and that it becomes slightly longer.

Here’s my eXperiment – embedding filter glass directly into the lens filter thread. I don’t use hoods/polarisers/ND/etc. so don’t need filter thread to be used for something else. It should work for any lens that has front element positioned deep enough to not touch the filter glass. And frame around front glass should be able to support the filter.


Fortunately, my favorite Mitakon 35mm F0.95 MK-II fits that criterias : ) And here is final result – pricy Sneider B+W XS-Pro UV glass sits firm and protects the lens from dust, dirt and scratches. It’s also easy to clean it.


Here's my short article on embedding lens filter


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though that is it adds another piece of glass (cost and weight too) of op of your lens.


I personally don’t find protective filters necessary but I have never scratched the front lens of any of my lenses in over 40 years and never smashed a lens frontal element.


So I may not have felt that anguish but chances are that I’ll never do that.

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I'm not so careful to my glass, so need the filter : ) I had few lens damaged or scratched. Also the front glass collects a lot of dust and dirt, or salty water after the coast shots, so it's easier to clean the flat filter surface. Sometimes I was taking the filter off, just to realize in a week or two how fast the glass gets dirty.

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