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Hello from California


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I am new to Fuji-X and non $100 point-and-click digital photography in general. I really haven't done much photography since I stopped using my old Canon AE-1 about 20 years ago.


I started with the X-A3 which doesn't get as much attention on these and other forums, but it is serving my needs. I felt it was a good choice for me to start with because I wasn't sure how much photography I'd do and the price point was good. So far I really like it and at some point I'll likely upgrade my body and keep my X-A3 body as a spare if I continue to progress with my photography. 


I mostly have been taking photo of landscapes but really I've been dabbling in a little of everything trying to figure out what I like and to learn more about the camera.




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I am a newbie to these forums myself so I cannot compare the A3 to other X-series cameras I can say I have certainly enjoyed my X-E1 for some years now. I am a Nikon user and have been for nearly 50 years. I have noticed I carry my E1 in my vehicle nearly at all times instead of a bag full of Nilkons. I recently purchased the X-Pro2 and hope to use it more because the picture quality is now on par with what I can get from my larger (and much more expensive) Nikons. We will see what the future will bring.....


Welcome and Happy New Year.

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