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Brighton Beach

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    • By TPiorkowski
      MARCH 2017
    • By mostlyphotos
      I recently had the opportunity to visit a remote South facing beach in Wales, UK - I thought I'd try and capture the Milky Way with my X-T2 and 16mm f1.4

      I wrote a brief article with further images and information on how I took the shot 
    • By jmijares
      Anyone else have similar issues like I described below?
      Yesterday it was a rainy day and I took my X-T1 with 50-140 and X-T2 with 16-55 out to a charity walk which I've volunteered for in the past as a photographer.  My X-T1 held up great as always in the rain.  My X-T2 had issues.  
      All was fine, but then about an hour into the event and still raining, my X-T2 was telling me that the "maximum operating temperature has been reached" and the camera would shut down.  That sounds kinda odd because it was maybe 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the rain and the X-T2 body was cold to the touch. The MENU and Q buttons either stopped working or the MENU button would pull up the Q menu.  
      I brought it home after the event and decided to let it dry out.  When I removed the 16-55, there was no water slipping past the seal and water hadn't gotten into any of the other compartments. 
      As of this morning, the X-T2 will initially recognize the lens mounted on it, but then will display an f number of 0, and the shutter button will fire with the slightest press, not even focusing.  The MENU button will now pull up the menu intermittently but the Q button and focus point stick doesn't work at all. The D pad seems to work okay. 
      Anyone else experience similar issues in the same rainy conditions?  It's almost as if water had gotten through the MENU buttons...
      My X-T1 has been through some pretty heavy rain and cold over the past 20 months or so and is still going strong!
    • By Ms_Tex
      I'll be going to England (Cornwall & London) next May. I know the weather there can be unpredictable. I don't plan to be out in a downpour, but I don't want to let a little drizzle or sand stop me.
      I have an XT1 body. Will the 18-55mm be okay? Or should I consider the 16-55mm, just in case?
    • By dannynee
      Cattle grazing
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