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Transforming AC adaptor for X-Pro2 into a cold weather battery holder

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Is someone have tried the AC adaptor for XPro2? There is one manufactured by Fuji and a third party one sold on amazon. 

Here is the name and link to Amazon: HQRP AC Adapter for Fujifilm X ( https://www.amazon.com/HQRP-Adapter-Fujifilm-FinePix-HS30EXR/dp/B00CRD3UDM ) Many years ago I ask a friend to transform a Canon 10D battery charger into a cold temp battery holder that I can keep in my jacket on Alaska high mountain expeditions. At the time I used the AC adapter that goes in the battery compartment of the camera and wired it to the modified charger that was holding the batterie. It works perfectly until the camera itself freezed in minus 40 temp. I plan to do the same with the cheap ac adaptor and am curious to see if someone tried a similar project for cold weather. I suppose that the same  accessories could probably be used to connect the x-Pro2 to a power pack instead of the short-life NP-W126s...

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Just meet a young engineer who is willing to make it work! The project is to use a power pack with a USB out and a converter regulating the voltage to the camera. If everything work as planned, I will pass from a 1200mAh battery that don't last to a 20100mAh battery who last longer than me! Wouhou! More to come ;-)

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