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Meike 85mm f/2.8 macro

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[uPDATE] Here's a sample, a slightly Lr-tweeked RAF exported to JPG. Subject is a very old 10 UKP note (I'm American, but it just came to hand) shot at f/11 using a cheapo ring flash. The shutter speed was 1/180, and the output of the ring light was attenuated a bit. (I don't really understand where all the light was coming from, but that was the necessary exposure. Possibly I forgot to close down the aperture after focusing? The note was parallel to the sensor plane. so who knows?) The magnification is somewhere just north of 1:1 (the Meike is capable of 1.5:1, that is, slightly "super macro"). My technique is far from polished, and I expect a better focus is possible. I did use a tiny, but good, desktop tripod.


Here're the RAF and xmp (my Lr changes, FYT) files. If another kind of sample image using this lens, shared in this way, would be useful to you, let me know and I'll try to produce a decent one. I also have an X-Pro2 and an X-E2s (if I don't sell it), and I can use one of those instead of the X-E3.




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