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So...Only jpeg output for X-T2? "Select single/multiple RAW files on the “Thumbnail View” and then click “Convert” button to convert them into JPEG or TIFF files (RAW files taken by

FUJIFILM GFX 50S support conversion into TIFF format)."

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I'm not certain I see the utility of software that uses the camera to convert.


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Mmm... Very clunky (probably because of all the data transfers over a USB 2 connection); and the file manager in the App interface on the computer does not allow you to access mounted network shares, as far as I can see.


This is a deal-breaker, as I import all camera files to a network drive via Lightroom.


It means I have to transfer the files to a location that does appear in the App's file manager, and then work on them. Add to this the clunky data transfers over USB, and it seems more efficient to put the RAFs I want to convert on an SD card, and do the conversions 'in-camera'!

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