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Which Fuji X-T1 kit should i buy?


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Hey everybody,


i want to buy a Fuji X-T1 with one of the kit lenses. 


Following lenses are available:







I already own following Fuji Primes:


23, 27, 35, 56


I am also interested in what color would you choose for the X-T1...silver or black?


I am open to you recommendations. Thank you very much.



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To me, with that lineup of primes, I would not consider either the 18-55 or 16-55 lenses. They seem redundant and personally If I was shooting in that range I would rather have the prime on.


That leaves the question of which do you more frequently shoot: wide or long?


I was not aware that the X-T1 was available kitted with the 10-24. But I might be inclined to look at the discounts for each and pick the kit that had the best discount. That is because, personally, I'd like both those lenses eventually :)


I tried to decide between silver and black and, for me, I was just unwilling to pay extra for something that was purely cosmetic so chose black. If they were the same price I probably would have gone silver because I think it looks nicer.



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If you ever want to have a one lens travel solution go with the 18-135.  Especially with the primes you already own, you could take that lens and your favorite prime for portraits and not need another lens.


I went with the 18-55, and although it's a good lens, I have kicked myself repeatedly for not getting the 18-135.  There have been too many times I needed the reach and I had to wait till I got the 55-200 just to have it.


Go black...

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I take the 18-135 with my primes for the zoom utility and OIS when light is good. I also have the 18-55, which has OIS but duplicates a lot of what the primes give with the exception of very low light, extra shallow depth of field. The reach of the 18-135 is nice if you want to carry an all-in-one lens, have good light, and do not need strong subject isolation.

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The 18-55 and 16-55 are optically the best. They are optically indistingishable from the primes, except for the maximum and minimum apertures. The 18-55 is also fairly light. If you want a zoom simply so you don't have to switch lenses as often, those are the lenses to go for.

The 10-24 is alright. It gives you focal length options you don't have and it's optically good. If you simply want to expand your wide-angle options, though, the 14mm and 16mm are both a little sharper and faster. 10-24 isn't really a focal length that is going to adequately replace your primes. This is the lens to get if you want to add to your existing primes as a full kit, it's not a lens to get if you want to leave your primes at home.

The 18-135 is optically the weakest, and for most of its focal length it is the slowest lens. It's also comparatively large and heavy. If you want to expand your focal length options and you want to have just one lens on your camera and never change, this is the one to get. You're swapping quality for convenience.

There's no right option here. All depends on why you want a zoom and what you expect to get out of it compared to your primes.



As for colour, I'm of the mind that every Fuji looks better in silver. The silver X-T1 is also slightly, slightly more weather-resistant and tougher than the black version. Just bear in mind with the X-T1 that silver comes with an additional cost.

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