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XT2 flash settings

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I used the XT2 with the included EF X8 flash, indoors, with reasonable amount of lighting in the room. Here are the settings;


ISO 200




Here's what I noticed;


The meter showed underexposure (-3)

The LCD was very dark and I could barely make out the subject (people)

The final image was well exposed.


I then bumped up the ISO to 6400, and noticed the following;


The meter still shows underexposure (-1.5)

The LCD was bright and clear

The final image was well exposed (only marginally brighter than the earlier one)


Which leads me to infer (probably incorrectly), that while I do not need a high ISO to get the final image right, I do need a high ISO to be able to see (in the LCD) what I'm framing!?


Does this make any sense? Is there something wrong with my thinking, or with my camera? If the flash can deliver a correct exposure at ISO 100, do I have to bump the ISO up to 6400 only because I need to see my subject while shooting?


Any advice/clarification would be very welcome.










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Guest Him

I think I know what you are getting at. I normally in a flash shot: (try and have ISO 100, 200 or 400), so manually set. Set X shutter speed.


1) open the lens to wide open

2) press the shutter button half-way

3) framing and focus set

4) change the aperture to what I want


and press shutter.


This way I have a clear screen and can focus how I want and finally set the aperture to what I need. This works well so far.


I do have Cactus Flash now and am experimenting with it.


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