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    • By triptomoon
      I'm new to the Fuji system and I would like to know if it's possible to set a focus zone and tell the camera to "only search for faces in that specific area", instead of hunting everywhere in the image and end up focusing on some passer-by in the background? Also, when face/eye detection isn't hitting the right target, what's the quickest way to manually toggle out of it? I tried moving my focus point with the joystick but the camera would fight me and keep picking up faces in the areas I don't want. Does anyone have a solution with this? I'm using an X-T30. 
    • By FenFotos
      This is the scene on Memorial Day 2020. Masks, quiet, birds singing.... Few people on what is ordinarily a day mobbed with tourists and locals taking to our great park. With music, vendors, artists, bikers, joggers, horses & buggies, and a pond filled with rowboats. Now: this. This image with X-T2, 18-55mm Fuji Lens, Acros-R film emulation.
    • By Frodo007
      Hello there! I am new to this forum and a proud owner of an X-T2.
      Last night I wished to try interval timer shooting to stack some star tracks, so I programmed my gear for 545 1-second exposures each separated by 10 seconds, at ISO 1000.  OIS was off, AF was set to manual with focus set at infinity and aperture also set to manual, at the widest setting for the lens. The body firmware version is 4.30 and the battery was fully charged.

      When the shooting was over, I was disappointed to see that only 292 exposures had been taken instead of the 545 I had keyed in.

      Anybody have an idea why this happened?
    • By jufoso
      Hi guys, new Fuji-freak here!
      I bought yesterday X-T3 with the 18-55 lens and XF 50-140mm f2.8, both used.
      At first I was really impressed with both of them but soon I figured out that there's something strange with the 50-140 and autofocus. The problem occurs at the maximum 140mm focal lenght. The autofocus can't focus near. It will only work for longer distances (over 4-5 meters) even though the minimum focus distance should be 1 meter. Even a slight zoom out e.g. 138mm will make the autofocus work normally.
      All the settings are in "auto", I'm shooting in single shot mode and autofocus on single point. The problem occurs in every possible setup. Here's a video about the problem (I didn't find my stand so I had to use chair) [ignore the cat meowing] https://youtu.be/g8snv-60DBM
      Has anyone else had the same problem or should I return the lens?
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    • Levster, yes, for me, it was one of the first things I tried.
    • After you have some practice at these, you might find it worthwhile to invest a couple of afternoons in a library learning about various  photography techniques— wait until after you have that practice in so that what the authors are saying will make more sense. For instance, dragging the shutter — a wonderful technique, will seem like it is the opposite of what I have had you do in this thread. But it is not, not really.
    • Capture One Express for Fuji is free and quite capable. I use the paid version personally, but the free version covers most needs if you don't batch process and don't mind not being able to make your own styles.
    • Only 2 lenses? 10-24 and 55-200 would be my choices. But I'm a landscape/nature shooter who hikes, as much as I love primes if limited to two lenses I'd have to go with those. For a second lens to pair with the 23/1.4, I'd pair the 56mm f1.2 for sure.
    • Brand new cameras tend to end up with a flurry of firmware updates for bug fixes, once it gets some time out there things will settle down although Fuji tends to release more firmware updates than other makers, adding capabilities and updating to improve older bodies performance with newer lens releases. The X-T4 is very new and still in the bug fix mode.  The X-H1 was actually much worse for that when new, but has been around long enough to mature.
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