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Sticky shutter button


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For no apparent reason the shutter button has started to stick down on my XT-2. At first I thought it was an electronic issue so I switched to mechanical shutter and no difference. Not happening on every shot, very intermittent. I keep the camera clean and in a padded camera bag. Any ideas?

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There seems to be an issue with XT-2 shutter buttons after about a year of use.  I recently took my one year old XT-2 to an event where Fuji techs cleaned and checked bodies and lenses, and they told me to send my XT-2 body to their service department to have the button replaced, as it no longer provided any resistance from its open position to half pressed position.  It's been there a week, and I hope to have it back soon. It was out of warranty by just ten days, so I am hoping they'll fix it at no charge.  I have since Googled the issue and found I am not alone.  It sounds like you'll also need to return it for service.

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Hi George. curious if Fuji fixed this and what it cost you. I have exactly the same problem with the xt20 which is out of warranty, but I have only picked up this camera three times in the two and a half years I've had it. I've done a total of 2100 shutter clicks. I sent it off to Fuji they got it today, I don't think they even looked at it all my note and have sent me a cost of over $500 to repair it which is just absolute BS and I am so angry.  I've read some other forms and this does seem to be a problem out of the factory for some of the XT and xt20 cameras. So I find their quote even though it's out of warranty absolutely ridiculous considering I have spent $1,600 on this camera

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