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X-T1 still f/s at relatively high prices, do they sell?

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Periodically I do have a look on the site of my trusted chain of camera shops in the NL and to my amazement I see the “ old” X-T1 still for sale at relatively high prices for a camera that is last year’s flavor of the month .


:huh: I own, use and love the X-T1 and will only (at this point) part from it when it stops working. I am really doing all I need to do and I don’t see how any of the new cameras would make me do anything in a better way than my camera does already.


Having said this.


The graphite edition body would set you back now €999 which, if you ask me, is still a VERY respectable amount of money.




But are these cameras still selling? Really? I can’t imagine someone whom, would go in a shop and buy a digital camera that is no longer in production (how different it was the secondhand camera business in the days when you could have used a camera for decades without becoming truly obsolete).


Why don’t they slash the price down and get rid of the aging stock before it becomes truly unsellable?  :ph34r:

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Prices for used are set by demand and it seems that used X-T1's are selling quickly at only a modest discount to the price of new. That tells me the relatively high price of a camera that has been superseded is realistic. I guess we're not the only ones watching for that drop!

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